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W poszukiwaniu końca świata means Looking for end of the world, what Ewelina does since 2014. She studied in Turkey & Greece and in 2015 she has started beautiful journey with Maciej.

They booked tickets to South Carolina, USA and worked ther all, long holidays. After that, they explore United States, back to home (Poland) and after that, started their last term in University in Prague.

It was few years ago and as our story is long we have one simple question:
Are you looking for collaboration with Polish travel blog?
If you do, we are excited.

Good to know

My blog for readers is:

– inspiration before and during travel,
– source of information about life abroad,
– motivation to always follow your heart.

The visibility of our articles in Google search is constantly increasing. Each new article is optimized for SEO and appears quickly in high positions in search results. The site is loading (almost) at the speed of light. It’s not a coincidence. If I do something, I always do it reliably and with passion.

Wposzukiwaniu.pl is...

…a popular lifestyle-travel blog that inspires readers to looking for amazing places to live & travel. You can find here helpful tips, funny stories and social media, who our followers love.

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• Monthly Visitors: 110,000
• Monthly Pageviews:200 000
• Page Authority: 40, Domain Authority: 32.
• Facebook Fans: 25,000 LINK 
• Instagram Followers: 28,000 LINK

Site demographics:
According to Google Analytics the wposzukiwaniu.pl’s audience consists women (60%) and men (40%) between the ages of 25 and 45. Recently, more people check our website on their smartphones (70%+).

Stories from the end of the world

In 2019 appeard Ewelina Gac’s book “Stories from the end of the world”, which is loved by readers. Each part of the book tells about a different country: studying in Greece and the Czech Republic, working in the United States or living in Hungary. Although in Turkey Ewelina Gac began to look for her place on earth. Because the end of the world means a place where you would like to spend the rest of your life.


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Awards & media

  • I represented Opole Voivodeship in the Tourist Blogger Championships.
  • We got a title in the ranking of The most Influential Bloggers in Poland made by Jason Hunt
  • You can watch us at TV, see at magazines or radio


Everything I present to my readers is of high quality and in line with my beliefs. The content that I publish is based on my experience. Thanks to this, I am building a truthful long-term relationship with readers.

Recent collaborations

If we do something, we do it as best as we can. That’s why our collaboration results are more than great. Below you can check few of them:

– collaboration with Polish Travel Organisation- blog post about Opole region got more than 60 000 unique users per article!

With Swizterland Embassy I made solo trip to several cities in Switzerland. I post several inspirations on Instagram, Facebook and blog: Szwajcaria w tydzień – jakie miasta i miejsca warto odkryć, podróżując pociągiem?

With Czech Tourism for couple of articles about beautiful regions in Czech Republics, as Olomouc, Liberec or Litomysl 



or some partnerships like: Decatlon, Douglas, Nivea.

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