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W poszukiwaniu końca świata means Looking for end of the world, what Ewelina does since 2014. But since 2015 she started beautiful journey with Maciej, who stole her… heart, of course. They booked tickets to South Carolina, USA and worked ther all, long holidays. After that, they explore United States, back to home and started their last term in University in Prague. It was few years ago and as our story is long we have one simple question:
Are you looking for collaboration with Polish travel blog?
If you do, we are excited.

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…a popular lifestyle-travel blog that inspires readers to looking for amazing places to live & travel. You can find here helpful tips, funny stories and social media, who our followers love.

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According to Google Analytics the wposzukiwaniu.pl’s audience consists women (60%) and men (40%) between the ages of 25 and 45. Recently, more people check our website on their smartphones (60%+).

Recent collaborations

For example in 2018, wposzukiwaniu.pl has collaborate:
– Polish Travel Organisation- blog post about Opole got more than 14 000 unique users within one month,
– Itaka- travel agency
– Volcano- Instagram partnership

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